BI Widget in Mingle Homepages

Hi all,


This is a question regarding the performance when using BI Widgets on Mingle Homepages.

We are using Mingle 12 (IOS) and have some homepages that contains BI Widgets.

When a user log into mingle and enter a homepage that contains a BI Widget then the performance is really slow and it takes a lot of time for the widget to display data. It seems that at this time the system is trying to authenticate the user against BI. This is not a matter of a "heavy" BI report.

Is there a way or a setting somewhere that would make things go faster? For example to force the system to authenticate the user against BI at the same time that the user log in?

We are using ADFS 3.0



  • Hi,
    There is no way to force the BI login to happen at the same time as the Ming.le login. The BI login will happen as the widget loads the BI resource in an iframe in the browser. To know if the delay is the SSO time or just loading of BI scripts and HTML you would need to use some kind of monitoring to see what the browser is working with. If it is waiting for a response from the login the other widgets will be able to load in parallel. But if the BI is loading all resources this could potentially take some time. I know the BI team has done a lot of load improvements so please make sure that you are on the latest BI version.