ION API M3 Sample



is the M3 server must be on the cloud to be able to use it in the ION API widget? 

  • No, but you do need to have the M3 available and correctly configured in the ION API. It's possible that you will not be able to manually configure this with the /M3 root in which case the sample can be updated to use whatever the context root that you have in ION API. When you manually add configuration the root will be /CustomerAPI/. For the sample to work you do need to have a /M3 suite available in ION API.

    Since you may have Ming.le Homepages both on prem, in cloud and in hybrid mode with Mingle in the cloud and applications on-prem, it basically results in how you are able to configure the ION API Gateway for M3.

    Start with making sure there is an M3 application configured in ION API and that you can call it through the test pages in ION API.

    Of course this is easiest if you have M3 in the cloud as it would be provisioned to you and available by default.
  • but if I use the (localhost8080) to test the widget, I will not be able to use ION API if the M3 server for the customer not in the cloud, right?

  • No that is not correct. You can configure ION API to work with an on-premise installation of M3 as long as the version supports ION API. Ming.le can absolutely be in cloud with the apps on-premise.

    The call has to go through ION API (always), even if you are developing locally in the development container.