Banner Widgets

Is there any way to make widgets that aren't Banner enabled, banner enabled? Also, the Ming.le Announcements widget is not configurable as a banner widget, why is this?

  • Hi,
    There is no way for you to enable a banner widget that has not been marked as a banner enabled widget. The reason is that the widget has to be developed specifically to be able to handle the different background colors that you might have in a page. Thus the enablement is done by the development team here at Infor.

    In Ming.le Homepages 12.0.34 there is a new Announcement widget delivered as part of Homepages with an administration tool (found in the HOMEPAGES administration tool - Announcements) where you enter Announcements and map them to different Security Policies, think IFS roles, distribution groups or based on user attributes from IFS.

    This widget is enabled for the banner and in even later versions it also supports a more slim header banner style which you may enabled when a page is published by selecting 'Show announcements below page header' in the Publish Configuration dialog on a page.

    I recommend that you start using the new Announcement widget, which has the widget ID infor.mingle.memos.