Configuring CloudSuite Industrial Critical Number widgets in Homepages

 When I add a Critical Number widget to any Homepage, the default gauge type is Horizontal Bullet.  This isn't always suitable (and for a few critical numbers doesn't work at all) but if I right-click on the Widget I can get to a configuration page which allows me to change it to something else.  The problem is that the change doesn't stick, so the next time I open the page I have to change the Gauge type all over again.

Clearly it is possible to save the Widget to use an alternative gauge because a number of the canned homepages (e.g Controller Home) use them and open that way.

Does anyone know how to make the changes stick?



  • Hi,
    I don't have access to an environment with CSI so I can't check and run the widget. I'm in the Ming.le Homepages team so I do know a lot about Homepages.

    It is possible that the Critical Number widget is a published widget and the option to change ge presentation type has been locked so that it isn't saved. Generally there are a set of standard widgets that can be published. As you publish them you can specify that settings are not allowed to be changed by the user, or you can allow the user to change some of the settings. In that case you should not have been able to select another type of representation in the Configure dialog - if that dialog is from Homepages and not from the CSI application that is just linked into the widget.

    If you open About for this widget once you have it on the page and provide me with more info I might be able to help. That option is available on the widget under the "..." menu next to the title. Once the dialog opens with information about the widget you can see if it has "based on" information. In that case it is a published widget. Search for the widget that it is "based on" instead and configure that one under configuration and you should be able to select representation and it should be saved correctly. By knowing the information for the widget I can ask the developer and also see how the widget is configured and what it supports, and possibly ask around to check with the CSI dev team.

    It's possible that the widget is in fact just an URL to CSI and that something goes wrong when the changed configuration is saved. It would help me a lot if you could find the about information for the widget.

    Do you know how to check if there are errors in the browser console? In Chrome you have focus on the title/address bar an press F12 and then look at the Console-tab for red text. That would be of interest as well.

  • Hi Karin

    The About information is:

    As mentioned originally, I can configure the widget to choose a KPI then right-click in it for the Display Settings option:

    and swap to an alternative gauge

    But as before, the change gets wiped out next time you log in.

    I checked the Browser console and there are 2 warnings/errors:

    Hope that gives you something to go on.  This system is IOS 12.0.28 with CSI 9.01.02

  • Hi,
    Now it is more clear to me what is going on.

    The error in the log is not related this, even though it is something that you might want to look into. It's an authentication call that does not have correct headers.

    These CSI widgets uses IFRAMES to display the content. As you change the Gauge type on DisplaySettings within the widget you are not editing the settings on the widgets (which are accessed through the ... menu on the widget title bar and then Configure), but instead the value is changed in the session only.

    Perhaps it's possible to make them stick by doing some trick, but it is possible that the widget does not support it and that the change is only in the view / session.

    For the other widgets that you are comparing with there might be a difference either in the URL that the widget is loading or just that in CSI these KPIs has another default Gauge type and you would always get what is default when the widget is accessing CSI through a URL.

    I don't know exactly how CSI behaves but I have reached out to the development team behind this specific widget to see if I can get some more information for you.

    This is probably a limitation in the widget and perhaps it's documented in the CSI documentation for the widgets (I don't have a link to that).

    If you still need more information on this topic after checking the documentation, and there is no additional comment on this ticket from CSI Development, I suggest that you contact Infor Support to get more information.
  • Hi, This is what I got from the developers:

    ”This is by design.  While critical numbers in CSI support a number of different graph types, when we were working with H&L on the original widgets they did not like the look of the majority of our critical number gauges so we limit them to the horizontal graph.  This is controlled by an application table wbkpi_gauge_type.

    When they mention the “configuration page” this isn’t a widget thing.  They are right-clicking on the widget (CSI form) and going into a different form within the CSI application where they make this setting.  It’s some standard system functionality that was unintentionally included in the widget form.

    Please log a ticket with support to request that this be removed.”

    Please let me add that you migth also add a support enhancement ticket requesting the functionality to use more types of gauges, but they would need to be more adjusted to the look and feel of Homepages.

  • Hi Karin

    Thanks for looking into this for me. So we've been Hooked & Looped. Form is more important than function to a Designer - but tell that to the Users that just want to avoid rejigging their home page every time they log in.

    I certainly won't be raising a ticket to have the function removed - some widgets just error UNTIL you change the gauge type.

    But I'll put in a CER.

    Thanks again