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When configuring a Widget are there any wild cards that can be used?

I am looking to query just a specific range of Agreements and the agreement starts with the letter T.   I have tried T* and T% both of which are not returning any results.



Pam Dunphy

  • Hi Pam,
    What widget are you trying to configure? This functionality will depend on the widget you're using. The Infor OS standard widgets do not support wildcard functionality.

    Shan Molu, Product Manager - Homepages
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the quick response. We are using the standard widgets, so IF we create widgets will wild cards be available? If yes, what would be the character? One other note, is it possible to increase the number of list lines to greater than 100?

  • Hi Pam,
    As Shan wrote Infor OS standard widgets do not support wildcard functionality. This widget seems like an application widget, for example M3, LN etc. Can you please check the widget ID so that we can check the specific widget for you?

    To be able to look for an answer we still need to know which widget you would like to use.

    To learn the widget ID, use the following steps.
    1. Check the details in the Widget catalog by clicking on the Widget card in the result list.
    2. The details we are looking for like Widget Id are in the right panel or the detail view.
    1. If the widget is on a page click the (…) menu on the widget header
    2. Select about
    3. If you are on a computer you can right click and select “copy to clipboard”, then paste the information in this forum.

    If these options are not available to you as described it's because I used the latest version to describe them. The widget default title and description in the library would help as well, but the widget ID would be a unique identifier.
  • Hi Karin,
    Below is the information about the widget we are using.

    ID: infor.m3.viewer,
    Title: M3 Information Viewer,
    Name: M3 Information Viewer,

  • Hi!
    Just using a single characters in a wildcard search most often ends with a zero results due to too many possible results. I recommend you start with doing the search in the corresponding M3 function. That will give you more feedback in order to figure out what works and what doesn't. Once you have a search query that works according to your expectations copy it to the widget. For further information about M3 search please see Kb article: 1687355