Homepage Access to other key users

Dear Forum members,


I have designed a new homepage with widgets which I would like to provide it to the other key users as well But I don't understand how we can add as all user have a standard page access only.


I have Admin Access of Homepages, Any help would be more appreciable.




  • Hi Gaurav,
    If you publish this page you created to the Page Catalog, and set the permissions for the page to the subset of users you want to see the page, would this help?
  • What I ran into is the widgets that have a configuration setting to get the user in the business system or other variables need to have access to the configuration screen for the widget if I publish the page (because they are editing the published page). -- So I ended up exporting the JSON for the page and have the user import it, then set the configuration for their user. -- Otherwise the published page idea works.
  • Hi Steve,
    There are a couple of ways that you can do this more smoothly, when you have widgets that need user specific settings. Ming.le Homepages has support for it, I'll come to that so that the users don't have to use a copy of the page. They can use your page, but then apply their own configuration on top of it. This should be true for all widgets as long as the configuration is in the widget and not in the backend.

    But let start with an option to passing the JSON. Publish the page to the page catalog, set permissions as you see fit. Then ask the users to add the page "Duplicate widget" from the (...) menu on the widget detail view in the widget catalog. That would create a private page copy of the page.

    But if you would like to have the published page and then allow some of the widget values to be configured then you can prepare the widgets to allow some of the settings on a widget to be "user-settings". It only works on widgets that has support for it , you did not mention what widgets you were using.

    The trick that you do is that if the widget that you have on your page are published widgets, they should be published with the settings that you would like the end-user to changed unlocked. By default all settings are locked for a published widget. As you configure the publish configuration settings, in the Edit Publish Configuration, go to the settings tab. Here you can select "Enable Settings", below is the list of settings that the widget will allow you to lock and unlock for "user settings". If you only have title there and perhaps one other setting, you are in bad luck. Then there is basically just a BLOB with settings for the widget and you can't unlock specific settings. But if you have multiple values here you can select which one the user should be able to override. They need to be editable and visible.

    That applied to a published widget from the catalog. You know that it is published when it has a little marker in the corner of the information card in the widget catalog.

    If you have a standard widget with configuration on the page that you have published, or is planning to publish, then you can also do the same configuration for the widget, without actually publishing it to the catalog. By default all the configuration for the widget will be locked. Go to you published page (you need to have it as a page), select Edit Published page. Once your are in the Edit Published Mode you have access to configuring the widgets. If you are working on a private page these options are available to you directly and you don't need to enter a specific Edit Publish page mode.

    It's Edit Publish Configuration and you unlock the settings that you would allow the users to override.

    Basically you can get the scenario that you have to work if the widget supports meta data about its settings and supports configuring access to the settings individually.