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My name is Shan Molu and I'm the current product manager for Infor Homepages. I'd like to get some insight on how you all are using Homepages and what your Homepages look like. For anyone interested in sharing, do you mind showing a screenshot of your Homepages set up? I'm also interested in learning which widgets you are commonly using, and which Homepages features are being used (mandatory pages, default pages, featured content, etc.).

This information will help prioritize items on our roadmap, as well as potentially add new functionality to the application.

I think this could be beneficial for other users in the forum, but if you want to send this to me directly feel free to reach out to me at shan.molu@infor.com. 





  • Shan,
    We have access to Homepages only because we bought ION for the ability to write interfaces, and that gave us everything that came along with the InforOS stack. I believe we over-invested in what we were looking to get, but since we have access to all of these other tools, such as Homepages, I would like to learn how to use those tools.

    Do you have any walk-throughs or videos on how to setup Homepages? This is not something that my boss will want me to invest any time in since I am already knee deep in my other Infor projects. However, if I could throw together something that is presentable and useful on my own time, I could make a case for using this product.

    I saw some of the dashboards that you have posted, and I believe our executives would like that, but I also need to make it useable by my mid-management and front line producers for it to be worth our while.
  • Hi Nick,

    Hopefully after you learn a little bit about the Infor OS products, you'll feel a bit more fulfilled about your investment. We do offer many resources on Infor Campus to teach customers about our products. We've also created shorter walkthroughs of our products that are available on our Vimeo page. This album has videos for a majority of our Infor OS products, so if there was something else you were interested in like Infor Document Management, Chat, or Coleman you can find them there.


    The Homepages specific video is here: https://vimeo.com/album/3620345/video/276522210


    I hope you find these resources useful, if you have any questions let me know.


    Shan Molu


  • Hi Shan,

    I tried following your link to Infor's Vimeo page, but there are no videos there that I can see (see attachement). Do you need a certain membership to be able to see the videos?

    Kind regards, 

    Sofia Danielsson

  • Hi Sofia,
    We've actually moved our Vimeo site over to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/.../UCO64l_VdkRQtOLA_NzWD5ug

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