Uploading thumbnails of unsupported files in IDM

Hello everyone!

We use IDM in our manufacturing company and in many cases we need to upload Autocad (.dwg) drawings. 

IDM and DAF can't handle this mime types, even when we register them and have relevant CAD sofware installed on the server. So in the end there are no thumbnail images created.

As this is a very usefull feature of IDM, we created an external application that monitors the IDM database and whenever there is a new drawing, it downloads the file and creates the thumbnails on the server.

Now the last hurdle is that we can't set the resource, for 2 reasons:

  • There is no API function to set the thumbnails for a given item. Ideally there should be a method so that I can set these resources by code.
  • When we try to find and replace the resource on the server filesystem, these resources are never created, so we can't replace them.

As the first part relies on Infor to implement  and I don't know how much it would take, I'm reaching out to see if someone can help out with the second option.

We know the folder where all of the thumbnail resources are saved, but for each ITEM of a library, the resources are saved on a different subfolder.

How can I know on which subfolder I should save the file in order for the thumbnail to show on IDM?

I hope you can help me on this one!

Best Regards

Marios Mitrosilis