IDM and CSI Items Form


Noticed that there are 4 document types for IDM.mostly are for the various types of invoices utilized in CSI...

I would like to use IDM on the Items Form in CSI..

Is a custom document type required to utilize IDM and the CSI Items form?

I'm new to IDM and I'm a little confused.....

  • Yes, it's rather limited out of the box.

    It's better if you create your own document types but that's quite simple to do.  If you go into the Control Centre and Copy the CS_PurchaseOrder document type and call it (say) <MyPrefix>_ItemSpec.  You can delete the attributes for PoNum and Vendor and then add a new attribute for Item.

    Then you'll need a Business Context Rule to populate the document attributes when to drag and drop the actual document into the Context toolbar when you have the required Item selected.