IDM utilities in M3 Cloud edition

Hi All,

Has anybody used IDM utilities in M3 Cloud edition? I have downloaded the utilities.Jar from control center. Also downloaded and installed Java version 9.

If I open the Utilities- with Java the idm utilities GUI opens and I can login successfully. But not able to perform any operation it gives Exception: output.log

Below is the screenshot.

And when I try to open the GUI through the cmd prompt it gives me an error as shown below. 

If anybody who has worked on the idm utilities or this kind of issue please can you share.

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  • Hi Karin,

    Thanks for the information. Yes I was able to launch the idm utilities GUI yesterday. I installed java 9. Gave its path in environment variables. Launched the GUI from Command prompt as given in utilities.pdf in idm control center.

    I was also able to upload multiple images through this utility to IDM. Now I am looking to use "bulk import template" available in idm but its use is to be released in June Release as per Rachel Paek . Will do some R & D on this idm utility as well.