Uploading bulk images in one go through IDM


Can anyone please help me on how can I upload bulk images in idm corresponding to the items in M3 MMS001 program

for e.

I have items in excel sheet and images in a folder location. I am trying this in M3 cloud edition (Multi Tenant).


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  • Hi Maxime,

    Thanks for the update. We will have to wait for bulk import template excel to use through idm along with the attributes.

    But yesterday I was still able to upload bulk files/ images using Idm utilities. Its under Control center->utilities.

    We need to have a java 8 + installed on our computer. Give the path of java in Properties of my computer. Download the utilities.jar from idm control center and as per the instruction pdf run the command in command prompt it will open an idm gui. Which can be used to import/export files but not excel i guess.

    Have you worked on this idm utilities. I think we can achieve this through idm utility as well but need to do some R &D

  • I have not had a look at it yet. You seems to be close to the goal :) 

    Don't hesitate to share your findings, i am sure it will be quite helpful for a lot of people.