Uploading bulk images in one go through IDM


Can anyone please help me on how can I upload bulk images in idm corresponding to the items in M3 MMS001 program

for e.

I have items in excel sheet and images in a folder location. I am trying this in M3 cloud edition (Multi Tenant).


  • Hi, 

    I have been looking for a solution as well. According to the cloud release notes, a feature for that should have been added to the IDM utilities with the latest release. When checking in our environment which has been updated, I see that there is now an excel sheet named "Bulk Import template" available for download. However, the excel sheet itself has no embedded code, and when checking the IDM utilities and documentation for that, I see nothing mentioning the Bulk Import Template. 

    I am also very eager to learn how to use this new tool. 

  • Hi Mads,

    Thanks for the information. Yes I see "bulk import template" under tools->utilities in IDM but no information about how to use it.

    May be in next release note there will be some information regarding how to use it.

  • Hi guys,

    Maybe could we ask Rachel Paek to give on the forum some explanations about this as a lot of people wonder how it works. She is the Infor product manager of IDM.

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