IOS on-prem .37 & business rules

Greetings to all,


We have upgraded our on-prem IOS env in .37 last week and we meet an error on decision matrix step in workflows : error is "Step status is FAILED during execute of step MyDecisionTable[0]"


Decision matrix (first record shown only) :


Simulate : OK


API call : OK


Workflow runtime : KO !


Do you have an idea of what is going on ? We jumped from .32 to .37 and everything was working fine until the upgrade. Has the Infor team any information on this ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you.


  • Maxime - In the .37 upgrades I have done, I have come across a couple issues with ION Desk. One is that the tenant id needs to be "infor", not "Infor" or "INFOR" for any of the workflows or activation policies. The second is that some document flows do not work at all, until you copy the flow to a new one and disable the old enable enable the new one. I would ensure to give both of those try in your environment.
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    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Normally our workflows should use an activation policy. But to test the decision matrix step, we build a new one (after upgrade) and we launch it manually in Mingle : so no AP, no tenant ID.


    Are you using decision matrix step as well in your workflows ? 

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    Yes I do, but I have not seen any issues with the BR. I will check with them, just in case.
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    We had to restart the servers and it's working again. I think something is wrong in our installation.

    Closing the case :)