Completion User ID in ION Task.



I need to pickcup/extract the user ID that has executed an ION task. I am using 'completion user' for this.

User is defined as a String variable. But the user ID I get seems to be encrypted. (This is in MT) . How do  I retrieve the correct ID ? 





  • Hi,

    What you are getting is the "IFS Person ID" for a user and it is the "correct" user ID in terms of IFS. So if it is needed to send that user a new task or log it somewhere, then this would be the correct reference unless you have another specific requirement.

    What would be the correct user ID in your case? M3/Ming.le/?

    If you just want to get the name of the user, then you can use a set parameter activity to transform this IFS person ID into the name of that user.

    I hope this answered your question. Otherwise please add a little more detail of what you are interested in.

    Best regards,
    Mads Stenbye
  • In reply to Mads Stenbye:

    Hello Mads,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Mingle,le user is what I needed  and I managed to get by using a set parameter activity as you mentioned.

    Just a follow up question. Is it possible to retrieve M3 user ID too similar to this ?