Creating a workflow with ION API gives error Failed to retrieve ion api configuration.

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Please help with this issue encountered.

I have created a workflow containing ION API and upon editing the ION API properties, the SELECT button in Operation field gives an error.

Message: java.lang.Exception: Failed to retrieve ion api configuration.

IOS version is 12.0.28.

I have checked that ION API Metadata is indexed and that a successful response is provided when testing.

Thank you in advance!

  • ION API Template/Custom one should be in active status whatever you have created, then only it is visible here.
    Screen shot is not clear, can you please take print screen and paste it to MS paint and upload again.

  • What happens when you run the GET /products on the API Metadata screen? Does it respond with several products, or an error?
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    Agree with the comments made here.
    1. Make sure the API works correctly WITHIN the API Gateway by using the Open API Spec (Swagger) UI in the Gateway to make your API call.
    2. Then make sure the API is listed in the API Metadata screen in the API Gateway. Run a manual Index of APIs if it is not. Give the indexing some time to run.
    3. Then try to access the API from outside the Gateway using the Workflow modeler.

    Some other posts on this topic.
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    In API metadata screen I get successful response.

    Tested with GET /version



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    Edited the screenshot of the error from the original post.
    Do you mean I have to activate the workflow? If so, I can't activate it due to the error raised.
    Available APIs are in active status.

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    What happens when you do the Products Get, it is the fourth one down. "/products"
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    It's still successful.

    Please see below.

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    Hi Watson,

    Keith explained it clearly, might be you are new to ION APIs.

    Please do follow the steps and let us know the errors which you are getting.

    Go to available APIs --> Click on the API which you are working on.

    2). It will display the configuration details along with Endpoints, Suite Policies.

    3). Click on Documentation (It is for Swagger Testing)

    4). Click on any function or method call or service --> click on try it out --> click on Add Item, enter the input parameter value and click on Execute as shown below,

    if you get the response for the above service then the API is working properly otherwise there will be issues in the configuration of API in the gateway.

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    Hi 1753258,


    The API which I'm working on is the Infor M3 API.

    Please see below results of the swagger testing performed for one of the M3 programs.

    It looked successful so it is safe to say that Metadata was updated.

    Still in ION Desk during the creation of a workflow with ION API clicking on the Select button prompts the error.

    In ION Desk clicking on the SELECT button does not display the Available APIs whilst displaying the error prompt: java.lang.Exception: Failed to retrieve ion api configuration.

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    Is your service account provisioned with access for ION Desk and ION API? or was there any upgrade that is causing the error? If later is the issue, raise a ticket with Infor to get it fixed.
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    We had a similar problem with Infor OS 12.28. The API:s worked perfectly from the homepage and from the ION-API swagger documentation but it was not possible to use API:s in a workflow.

    We had help from InforXtreme and found out that the "Infor Ming.le Search Service" was missing from the installation. Please see below KB on how to solve it:
    KB 2024641 - Infor Ming.le Search Service missing from install or upgrade - Instructions for manual installation
  • We were able to make this work already. We've added the IONService as an authorized application in ION API, downloaded and added the credentials in the ION table and ran API Metadata indexing.
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    Do you remember which table and the insert statement you used? I have this issue at a customer, currently.