How I Add and map UET fields in Shipment process BOD

Hello team,

I want add UET field (co header)   to shipment process BOD

How to add this and how to Map with other application fields


  • Looks like this is managed from the source of the Shipment process BOD. So you need to check the respective application's extensibility features to add custom fields to standard BODs.
    1. Usually, the way its done are using standard hooks on schema definition to add custom name-value pairs. We call this an 'userArea'. All nouns (including Shipment, I am sure) have multiple predefined userArea slots in the standard schema. You can use that.
    2. When your custom data is complex, you can define your own complex structure and can 'attach' that section to a standard noun. This requires Schema change. We call this 'userAreaExtenstions'.
    Both of these concepts and usage are explained in ION Desk developer guide: -> See page 103.

    From the source app, you can use the above two avenues to customize your Shipment BOD. If you need to manipulate/ add these sections in ION, then you can do so using an ION mapper. The mapping documentation on ION Desk user guide ( should explain this further.