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To all community members,

This is just a friendly reminder to take some time to visit to both log enhancements to ION Workflow that you would like to see implemented, and to vote on enhancements others have entered.  This is a great help to Infor in deciding what to work on next.  The list below shows Workflow enhancements that have already been implemented or are in progress.  Your requests really do make a difference!

ER Id Title Status Endorsed Description Proposed Solution
33103 Automatically reassign a Workflow Task step after a certain amount of time passes In Development 0 When approvers are on vacation, left the company, or have forgotten about their workflow task it can delay important automated approval processes. The workflow should be smart enough to reassign to a different approver. This is different from the current "escalation" functionality, because it is removing assignment and re-assigning. In the current "Escalation and Reminders" tab add an option to "Reassign and Email" that would unassign from the current approver and reassign to a new specified approver.
32153 Add 'Assign To Me' link directly in the E-mail sent by ION for an associated Task In Development 0 Have the ability to Assign a task directly from the task email sent by ION Desk. Attached is a Task email sent by ION. If there could be the ability to 'Assign to me' directly from the email, that would be handy. Or maybe a drillback link that would take you right to the Task in InforOS. Put an 'Assign to me' link in ION Task email, or a hotlink to navigate the user directly to Tasks page and open the Task.
29468 First task on top and latest task in below feature should be available in TASK Implemented 0 Hi, In worok flow task management first task on top and latest task in below is required. Because we want to approve the task from first to last. Need to add button like (Sort by Date) in Task session. When click on Sort by Date icon then it should change
26496 ION MINGLE - TASKS can be displayed with different colours Implemented 0 It is related to incident ID 11500840 .Please let us know if Mingle “ My Tasks” can have different colours for different activities? Example MR pending for approval, PO pending for approval, JV pending for approval etc different colours so that can quickly pick based on importance . as support consultant said raise an ER. Please agree to create different coloiurs for different activities for diff tasks in ION mingle to track easliy
26032 Open a LN Session by ION Task - jump back to open Task after closing the LN Session Implemented 0 When a Task includes a doing in the ERP or related system you can jump to the related system to do the changes in the related system egg ERP (LN) . After doing the work and closing the session the user should get back to the open task to be able to close the task. When a Task includes a doing in the ERP or related system you can jump to the related system to do the changes in the related system egg ERP (LN) . After doing the work and closing the session the user should get back to the open task to be able to close the task.
24015 Allow an authorized manager to review certain ION Workflow task status, assignment, details and re-assign if necessary. In Development 1 Today only an ION Desk Administrator has access to see reports on what the status of workflow tasks is and to reassign if necessary. A group project manager, supervisor, team lead, etc. has no access to manage the tasks within their group. Provide a widget that group project managers, supervisors, team leads, etc. can use to see all the open tasks in their group, drill into the details, and reassign to other people in the company if necessary. The workflows the group manager has access to should be controlled by an administrator within the ION Desk.
22584 Mingle Task Parameter Column Width Extenable Implemented 0 Currently Mingle Task Parameter screen's column width is fixed and narrow. Please allow it to be user adjustable, or can be adjusted by developer. This will greatly improve its readability. Seperately, If the size of Text Field can be predefined y developer, that will also greatly improve efficiency, as uers do not have to click and scroll the field to read the whole content. Please reference Incident 11130282 for original request. Allow Mingle Task Parameter column width adjustable. Allow Mingle Task Parameter Text field's size predefinable.
22149 After select drillback in widget task and navigate in LN, return back in Widget and find task open. Implemented 1 If you open task in Ming.le and click on drillback it will navigate to LN session and when you click Ming.le again it will return back to the open task. If you try to do the same in Widget task you can't. After naviagation in LN you go back to Homepage and the task is not open. If you open task in widget (homepage) and click on drillback it will navigate to LN session and when you click Homepage again it will return back to the open task
22145 Separate task and notification in Ming.le and in Widget task Implemented 1 In ming.le and in widget task I have both notification and task. Separate task from notification, maybe with two form.
22144 Add category in Ming.le and in widget task Implemented 0 In Context App I can filter by category but in Ming.le ad in Widget I can't. Add category field in Ming.le and in Widget.
22141 Add a search field in widget task Implemented 1 Actualy in homepage we set a widget task but in the widget we can't filter and search. Add a search field in widget.
21975 remove this drill back from email since it never works Implemented 0 When emails are generated by ION, and the task contains drillback in its content, a cryptic string is visible in the emails. attached email from the customer there should be a way to opt out from this drillback link in the emails.
21728 Task Details View Implemented 1 XI Platform 12.0.16 Task Parameter Display in Task Details View: here users have many many tasks with a lot of parameters (around 40); then it is not feasible forcing the users clicking on each parameter "..." to view the content, as well as forcing them to further inspect the task. Scrollbar Display: again, users having many tasks are used to open the task details to quickly view its content. If the scrollbar does not appear immediately, they are lead to think nothing else is present other then what they already are seeing. - The task details view should be modified to accomplish the needs we have here. - Also, it should be draggable and resizable. - The scrollbar should be visible immediately.
21727 Activities report export In Development 1 ION XI 12.0.16 The export of activities report comes in PDF format actually. It would be nice it comes in XLS format also, having parameters and other activities-related information on the same line.
17196 Activity Locator shows names incorrectly Implemented 1 Activity Locator shows names incorrectly. we have 2 users in one department. Ruben B. Bogerd and Richard D. Bogerd. The Activity Locator shows their names as: "R. Bogerd". Now for nobody it is clear which one it is. The A.L. takes the first letter of the name and cuts it off. we foumd tha tout in incident 10486221. the Activty Locator should determine the name not by cutting of the fisrst letter, but use the initials as well or the full given name. In that case it is clear which user is meant.
13926 A reminder email if task not completed after a set time. Implemented 3 Could use the ability to send a reminder email to the task recipient if task not completed after a set time. Now is just to the manager, not the user. In the escalation tab, add a set of fields to set a reminder time to the task assignee.
12675 Ability to view all approvers of a workflow in Ming.le In Development 0 Viewing Status of Workflow and all approvers in workflow If there are 5 approvers, the approvers who have already approved should be able to see the approvers higher up in the hierarchy. Even if there is a history search, a 3rd approver can only see the 1st and 2nd …he cannot see who was the 4th and 5th approver. This is needed because the requester or an approver would like to see the status of the workflow. They are not ready to see it in ION desk. They want it in Mingle.
12639 Multiple email when autoassign is on Implemented 1 Two emails sent when task is assigned automatically. It should be only one email. On Behalf of Obeikan: The customer has auto assignment of task enabled. when the workflow task is generated for a user, two emails are sent to the user. One for task is created, and immediatly one more for task is assigned. ION should should sebd only one email, task is assinged.
11044 Email attachment in UserAction notification Implemented 0 We need email attachments in the UserAction activity node email notifications In the UserAction activity node > Notify tab > Notification message, we would like the ability to add an attachment. It is currently not possible in the UserAction activity node, whereas it is possible in the Email activity node (but there are no action buttons there). Here attached is a screenshot.
9725 Additional function in Ming.le Enterprise or Xi Implemented 4 Hello Infor enhancement Team, in some of our customers projects we got request for additional functionality of Ming.le in regards of administring from tasks and alerts of members of a Team: The following functions are requested: - View of all Tasks of all members of a Team and the numbers per Person (quanity of taks per teammember) - View of all Tasks of all members of a Team sortable by creationtime and by prio - Function to postpone of Tasks of a user to another user when a user is abcent by Holiday or illnes - Possibility of a teamleader to see the Tasks of a abcent teammember and Forward them manually to another user - View of all avtive Tasks of the members of a Team for the teamleader. Show the Duration of a running Task after the begin to work by starting the Task View of Workflows: - who has done which step in the workflow and when - Show the total Duration of a workflow from start till now and from completed Workflows the time from start to end These funktions are missing in Ming.le and are necessary to be able to work with Tasks. Please check the Needs of the customer and send me a reply which function will be developed and when. best regards Robert Add the requested functions