ER #28605 - Include functionality to use the ERP Person ID for distribution from parameter

Hi all,

I would like to invite you to take a look at a new enhancement request I've submitted to add functionality to ION Workflow, allowing the ERP Person ID to be associated with IFS user ID thus distributing an alert/notification/task from a parameter.  The request stems from work being done with Infor XA --- PO approval workflow that uses a parameter to send notifications back to the person (buyer) who created the PO (XA is the source of record).

A similar request to distribute notifications from error BODs was also posted by a group using Infor LN (ref ER #27447).  Whether the application sending a BOD is an Infor ERP or not, I would venture to say this is functionality that most would expect to see.

My understanding is that there is an internal JIRA for this missing functionality.  Unfortunately, it is not on the priority list at this time.  So, if you agree and would like to help bump up the priority, please sign on to Infor's ERS to endorse one or both of these requests.

Thank you!