Acknowledgment handling in custom Process BOD


I have a requirement to sent certain information back to ION after executing custom process BOD. 

Because those information i have store on another database for information purpose. Since i'm working on M3 CE multi tenant environment i'm unable to access external databases directly from MEC. 

I can pass those information with in the acknowledgement BOD but then how can i capture custom acknowledgement BOD from ION. because I cannot create File templates for acknowledgement BOD's. 

So anyone has done similar thing before?



  • Hi, we are on premise with ION, but I basically capture and write the Ack BOD from the connection point that's submitting the incoming BOD to our ERP.  I then have a separate document flow that reads in the Ack BOD and processes notifications as needed.

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your response.
    Seems like you have standard SalesOrder acknowledgement BOD. yes then it's possible.
    but in my case i have custom process BOD with Custom acknowledgement BOD. So it's not possible me to add custom acknowledgement BOD into connection point. As i explained above there is no way to create custom acknowledgement BOD in file templates.
    Correct me if i'm wrong.
    Appreciate your thoughts on this.
  • Hello,

    Interesting question. The thing is that Acknowledge BODs sent back to ION by the receiving application (M3 in this case) are routed automatically by ION because it contains the information needed in the <OriginalApplicationArea> tag. There is no need to define a data flow in this case because ION retrieves in the Acknowledge.BOD the logicalID from the sender of the Process.BOD. Thus, you cannot select Acknowledge.WhatEverNoun in the connection point M3 defined in ION Desk... and if you cannot select this BOD, you cannot build a data flow to enrich this message. Maybe someone has an idea ?
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    There is a very interesting roadmap enhancement that is being rolled out in this area. More on that below..

    Situation prior to Infor OS 12.0.38:
    If the requirement is to send the Ack.<CustomNoun> BOD from M3 to a File folder using the ION file connection point, then this should be possible. Assuming that your custom noun's schema supports 'Acknowledge' as one of the verbs, You can create a file template of type Full BOD also for custom nouns.So you can do what Mark has suggested above even for Custom nouns.
    Indeed its true that, you cannot capture an Ack BOD via a document flow. It gets directly routed by ION (Not based on the details in the "Original application area" but) based on the header property of ToLogicalID. So if the connection point that sends the custom Process.<Noun> BOD to M3 is a file connection point, then M3 will most likely populate the ToLogicalID of the Ack.<Noun> BOD = FromLogicalID of the Process.<Noun> BOD. If you have defined a "Write" action in your connection point (similar to mark's suggestion above) then the Ack BOD will be delivered to the file folder directly from M3 without any doc flow. (The situation other way around, i.e., if you want to send an Ack BOD to ION, then this is not possible as there is no way to populate the ToLogicalID Message header in a BOD that is created by a file connector today)

    New updates from Infor OS 12.0.38:
    We have introduced a new feature called 'Explicit routing' from ION 12.0.38. With this, you can model Acknowledge and Show verb based BODs in ION's document flow. This will override the routing preference (so far) provided by the Source app in the ToLogicalID message header. The document flow will take precedence. You can read all about it in the user guide: -> "Message Routing" (page 38). With this feature, you can capture the Custom Ack.<Noun> coming from M3 in a doc flow, map it or subject it to other activities in a doc flow and can deliver it to what ever connection point you want. This is available to use in the ION MT today (which is what you are using, so that is good). For OP customers, this should be avialable from the 12.0.40 update towards the end of the year.

    Hope this helps.

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    Again, I'm on premise with ION 11.x. The File Template exposes an Acknowledge verb, but the system consuming the BOD would be responsible for writing the ACK back to ION. We only do this when sending to our ERP, since we have control over the UserTransformation XSLT and can write back the ACK accordingly. -- Hope this helps.