Infor would like to see your Maps!


Infor is constantly enhancing the ION Mapper tool.  In order to ensure backward compatibility, and also to better understand our customer use cases, we would love for you to share your maps with us. We will add them to our test case library for future use. If you are willing to share your map files with Infor please:

1. Check with your company / employer to make sure sharing of this information is allowed.

2. Export the map file(s) from the mapper

3. If you are using any custom BOD schemas also include those .XSDs

4. Include a sample input XML and validated output XML for each map (replace or mask any personal or private data in the XML).

5. Add them to a .zip file

6. Click the Messages icon in the upper right hand corner of this Community website to send me a private message.  You can drag the .zip file into the message composer to attach it to the message.

7. Include a short note about the business case for each map file. If there are special functions it is helpful to explain what they do & why.

Thank you for helping us understand your business and make ION an even stronger integration tool!

Keith Knuth
Product Director