I'm facing 'TestIonApi failed' when 'Test API Call' in a work flow. Any ideas will be really appreciated.


 Error Reason:testIonApiMethod failed: {"error":"invalid_grant"}


  • Hello,
    Can you provide a bit more information about your setup?
    1. Did you enter a service account into the Workflow activity?
    2. If so, how did you setup the service account and load it?
    3. Can you provide any more screenshots of the setup of the ION API activity step?
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     Trying to get payment proposal header


    2. Input Parameter:

    3. Unable to use Body. Is it Mandatory? It’s disabled. Any idea how to use?

    4. Output Parameters: Not used.

    5. Test:

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    Your setup looks ok. Some APIs don't have a Body area. I am guessing that is the case with this particular M3 API. If you expect to get something back from this query, you will want to setup at least one output parameter to hold the data in the API response.
    The grant error likely means your service account was setup incorrectly, or the authentication between the Gateway and M3 is failing. The API Gateway has a transaction log you can view online as well that may provide more information. Take a closer look at the setup of both of those and if nothing looks incorrect you can open a Support incident.
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    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for your response.

    I tried with output parameter but still same error.

    I was trying other way to use API feature, building an 'API's Connection point'. In order to build, tried to import service account in xml format. Getting an error as follows 'The import file contains invalid content or is not in the supported type xml.'

    Any idea how to build an 'API Connection point' and what is the right format the service account should be?

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    Could you please try importing service account in .csv format instead of xml format.
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    Yes, initially I tried importing service account in '.csv' format. It's giving an error 'Content is not allowed in prolog'.


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    The service account is created in IFS.
    And the Service Account credentials can be downloaded only at the time of saving the account in IFS. You need to download it at that moment and save it. Then you can import the same file in ION.
    Best Regards
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    Hi Vignesh,

    Can you please be elaborate on 'saving the account in IFS'. How to download Service Account credentials? If possible with screen shot.

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    Hi Krishna: This is a feature of iFS. You need to create a service account there, and as part of that you will be allowed to download the file. Please see the screenshot attached: 

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    I was able to generate Service account and downloaded as you guided but when importing facing following error. Any idea?


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    Content not allowed in prolog means (75%) encoding error.

    M3 apis thru ionapi gateway only deal with parameters. That why you can't use body to call them.