How to push initial data from Ln BOD to Data Lake

Hi, please can you suggest how to configure Ln in order to publish standard BOD to Data Lake?

We'd like to move from on premise Business Vault to Data Lake since, as indicated, BOD and Base Data Store in Business Vault are not updated anymore and some attributes, like the 10.7 Multisite Attribute, require customization.

Is this correct? Does the BOD published to Data Lake suffer the same limitations? Since we have some familiarity with BOD content we'd prefer to continue use them rather then move to JSON (and Birst Analytics so far doesn't fit our information needs)

Thanks in advance.


  • Please let us know what your setup is: LN is On Prem/ST/MT? Infor OS is On Prem/ST/MT?
    BOD content is the same for LN 10.7 and LN CE. Storing a BOD in Data Lake has no limitation. The open question is what do you want to do next with the data? The BOD structure can be complex.
    Anyone with experience on using Compass on complex BOD structures?
  • In reply to adriaan.rijke:

    Data Lake can store BODs today and, in fact, any data format. Compass only supports querying ndjson and DSV file formats, however.

    We will support querying BODs in the future so there’s a fine reason to store them knowing they will be queryable in the future but it’s a roadmap project for the Data Lake.
  • Hi Adriaan, Mike
    a BOD query tool is more then welcome.
    In the meantime we can continue with the On Prem Business Vault (having a look to Birst future releases covering more modules).
    Many thanks.