How To Tutorials

Hey all,

It's exciting to see more folks getting started with the Data Lake, submitting new requests for enhancements, and so forth. It's sometimes difficult to figure out where and how to get started so we're building Infor Campus materials to help provide in-depth content to help ramp up and accelerate development and productivity. We also want to help the Community with quick tutorials each week to better understand what tools you have available in Infor OS.

[How To]

Each month, we'll work on developing How To's that walk you through the basics of data ingestion, querying best practices, API development, and more to get the maximum value out of the Data Lake. Below is a list of How To's you can get started with!


If you have ideas, questions, or requests for future content, give us a shout here and be sure to catch my attention with a @ shoutout!