Social Objects in Ming.le


Can anyone briefly explain the use or purpose of social objects in Ming.le and how to configure it?

Thanks in advance.

  • As long as BODs are published to ION and there is a mingle listener configured, you will be able to search for objects in Social objects. Say for instance if you search for a sales order SOL0000123, it will bring all the related entities in a graph.
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    Hi Sarada,

    Thanks a lot for quick response. Our BOD(i.e. PurchaseOrder) is published to ION and there is a mingle listener configured but when we try to search PurchaseOrder Document in Social Object it is not found. Do we need to have specific Document Authorization?
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    usually you add the documents you want to be pushed to Mingle as a social object into Mingle.

    Then you need to associate the role to the users that are supposed to see the social objects themselves 



    depending on the InforOS version you should also be sure that the shredder service is consuming the BOD into the iobox of mingle db.

    In case it is not, reboot it 



    In order to send to mingle the BODS, you have to import and set up into ION the document  flow MingleToIONDocumentFlow. Also import the Listener. and activate them


    you usally find these files in the Infor\OS installation folder.



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    Yes, the user will require authorization to the document in IFS.
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    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you. Adding the document to the MingleIONEnabled Security Role helped.
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    Depending on your expectation, You will need to add the 'related ' documents as well. For Example Sales Order , needs CustomerPartyMaster, ItemMaster, ...., anything that the Schema refers to would be included in the diagram and drill through. Once you drill through to an object like Item, it may have relationships that you want to include.
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    My question may be stupid but why i can't see the "social objects" tab on our IOS installation ( ?


    I tried to check everywhere and i can't figure it out.


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    Hi Maxime, that's not a dumb question at all. There's an option to enable Social Objects if you go to Admin Settings > General Settings. Navigate there and you should see the option that can be toggled on.
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    Hi Stephanie,

    In fact, "social objects" checkboxes where ticked in the general settings tab; usually you check to enable things and i did not pay sufficient attention to the description.

    It works now. Great. Thank you for this tip !