Infor ION Integration with Salesforce



I have searching for integrate  SalesForce CRM with ION  and found something like that(


but in ION documents found nothing about the using Inforce. Anybody have  opinions or experiences about the Inforce?


  • Hello:
    The exclusive connector we had in ION to connect to Salesforce was called Inforce connector (as in your screenshot) or it has been since renamed as Infor BackOffice Connect. This connector has been deprecated.

    From Xi 12.0 onwards, ION uses the standard IOBox connectivity. This integrates with the Infor Back office Connect module. This module handles the Salesforce integration. So in addition to ION, you also need Infor Back office connect for this integration. The documentation is at:

    For more questions on Sales force integration, please send an email to Kevin Draggoo <> and Copy me (

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    Thanks for answer Vignesh, Is Infor Back Office only way to integrate with Salesforce?

    What about the ION Connect3P Foundation? If we install Connect3P on our ION , can we use Connector?



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    Hi Serkan:

    Connectivity from Infor to Salesforce is always through an Infor server side component that is running in the Infor cloud. It works something like this:
    ION on premise => Infor cloud server component => Salesforce cloud.

    What you see in ION is a connector for the first link in this chain. i.e., one that connects ION on-premise to Infor cloud server side component. In ION 11.1 or lower, this is called the Inforce connector (This is part of Connect 3P suite, the one that you mentioned). From Xi 12.0, we use the standard IOBox connector for this part.

    So in all cases, you need a separate SKU for Salesforce integration which would enable the second link in this chain. i.e., the server side connectivity between ION Cloud and Salesforce for you. Without this enablement, you cannot have an integration with Salesforce. This is a speciality SKU for ION on the price sheet at little or no cost. These are only used to grant an ION license when the customer is limiting the integration to an Infor ERP and SFDC.

    In addition to this, if you plan to use ION for regular usage - Such as for other integrations or to leverage other workflow/ event management functionality - you just need to have the corresponding regular ION SKU (Connect3P or Process SKUs in ION 11.1 and the Xi Platform base SKU in 12.0).

    Hope this is clear.
  • Looks like the connector is too old. I would start by looking at the SF APi's:
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    Hi Vignesh,

    I had a query, we have Infor OS cloud based/on premise and want to integrate with SFDC. I have gone through the infor documents, and suggested that we have option of ION APIs for SFDC. What is best option to choose going with Infor Back Office or ION APIs ?

    Kindly suggest the best option.

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    There are two considerations for ION APIs Vs Back office connect:

    1. The Infor Back office connect option is only available with Infor OS On-Premise/ Single Tenant as we speak. Using this connector with Infor OS CE is yet to be validate Vs IONAPI option will work in all network scenarios (Cloud/ OP)

    2. Infor Back office connect offers consolidating the requests to Salesforce and reduces the # of calls to SalesForce which is more economical for Sales Force Usage Vs The ION API option will make 1 - 1 calls towards Salesforce for every incoming request.

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    Need some more information.

    I have chosen ION API to connect the Sales force. For that i have created a connected app in SF and also created a suite in ION API.

    When i'm testing in available APIs, i have tried for a account/id and getting internal server error.
    I have verified the login history in SF and there is connected app details which i have used in ION api, this means from ION API we are able to connect SF but for getting the data we are getting server status error 500.

    How could i solve this issue.


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    Issue has been fixed, its due to host configuration in Sales force suite.