Creating JMS connection with Azure



I am trying to make a connection point for Azure message queues but am getting this error

I created to queues in the same service bus (separate for reading and writing) and for connection string i copied it from Shared Access policies. Still I am getting the about error. Can you guys help out with this problem?





  • I think there is a fundamental mismatch here :-)
    On ION we support JMS. So we can use the JMS connector as long as Azure supports JMS standards. By definition, Azure (i.e., Microsoft) is NOT Java!! So this will not work out of the box. You may need a third party plugin to expose Azure via JMS standards and I am guessing those won't come cheap..

    Therefore, I would recommend the use of APIs here. On the ION side we provide IMS APIs. So Azure can be the oneway IMS client and send message to ION.And Azure exposes APIs which we can register in gateway . So for ION to Azure, we can register Azure APIs in gateway and use the IONAPI connector. When you need further help with any of these, I suggest you contact Infor Services team..