Has any documented the process to use Ignition to send meter information through ION to EAM for PMs

We have Inductive Automation Ignition for our PLCs.  Would like to send notifications from ignition to EAM through ION for Meter Based PMs or if there is an Emergency WO that needs to be created.    

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  • There are multiple ways in which you can send the data....
    1) If from the PLC you can program to call a REST API, then push the message as XML to ION.
    2) if PLC can create a file (xml or flat file) and store it in a location.

    Once the message in received by ION, we can define rules and transformations to send to EAM.
  • Sarada - have you actually done either of the suggestions you've made here? I'm very interested in how we get data from the PLC to EAM, either in realtime or at a point in time. Please elaborate a bit more if you can. We have AllenBradley and Modicon PLCs here. Any more detailed information would be appreciated. Is the solution more with the HMI application (Ignition or Wonderware) or is it with the PLC?
  • Once upon a time I worked for Allen Bradley making and supporting PLCs. That was a long time (decades) ago, but I will try to reach back into that memory to offer some advice here... :)

    Many AB PLCs (SLC 500 series, PLC5, etc.) use the RSLINX software to dump data collected by the PLC to a windows PC. I think this software is still free, and if you are familiar with it you could use it to place a CSV file on the PC, and share that as a network location with ION. ION just needs a connection point configured for that windows file share. It can watch for the CSV file, read it, transform the data, and send it on to EAM.

    This is all hypothetical, as I don't know all the details of your situation, but hopefully that helps a bit. Maybe there are others in this forum who know more answers for more modern PLC software, but it may be worth posting in a dedicated PLC forum on the internet to see what works best with your particular model. ION doesn't care what software you use to get the file from the PLC to a file share ( or as Sarada mentioned, an IMS API), its just wants a file with a schema it can understand.
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    Not sure if the Ignition software mentioned above is the same used below link. But from these we can assume that the Ignition software can export data into CSV and from there as mentioned by Sarada and Keith we can use ION document flows to post data into EAM.


    Ravikiran S