ION API Connection point API Call issue.


I have created a Salesforce suit and tested the Rest API in ION API, it was successful, but when i'm calling it from ION API connection point i'm getting the below error and attaching the error screen shot.
Ion Api invocation failed, please see details below : {"error":"invalid_grant"}

kindly guide us to resolve this issue.


  • Could you check if the Service Account under Connection tab is valid.

    Ravikiran S
  • In reply to RaviKiran:

    Yes It is validated successfully. The same Service account i was using for salesforce login and for connected app also.
  • In reply to 1753258:

    What was the authentication type for the target API. Was that OAUTH2.0?

    Ravikiran S
  • In reply to RaviKiran:

    It is Sales force Authentication Type.
  • This issue has been fixed.

    It is due to the Service Account does not have the ION API and Mingle Enterprise related roles  assigned to it.

    After assigning those roles to the Service account, I have imported it in the ION API connection point and tested the  ION API CALL in the document tab of API Connection point.

    Please find the below references.