Read or parse excel file using ION and load data to CSF

I have to read excel (xlsx) file from SFTP location and load it into CSF. Can ION Parse excel file into Plain text for loading?

  • ION cannot parse or read Excel files. Instead source system have to send in ION readable format or use external scripts to convert file before consumed by ION.
  • You can perhaps try the output in .csv format. Then both ION and Excel will be happy with it ;-)
  • Hey Sethu,

    Vignesh's suggestion would work if you're able to convert the .xslx but in the event that you can't and still need ION to process, please submit an enhancement request and we can certainly take a look at it!
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    Just FYI that I've added supporting spreadsheet files (XLS & XLSX) to our backlog so our analyst team can do some more investigation. If you have more details such as whether your spreadsheets contain 2+ sheets, complex formatting & headers, etc. - or even some sample spreadsheets - I'd certainly love to hear more about it.

    As an aside, we have a new product coming to ION & Infor OS in the cloud soon called "ION Scripting." Theoretically, you could grab your spreadsheet from a file server using ION's "ANY" document type (used for handling binary files) and use a Python script and/or package to convert your XLSX files into plain-text like a CSV.  is the product manager for this product so if you have questions or want to learn more, he's great to reach out to!

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    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the information!! I have created a script that can convert xlsx to csv in FTP, so we are good for now.

    Good to see "ION Scripting" when is expected to launch and what is the scripting language?

    its interesting to know a Python script can be used, can you give me some more insights?
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    Hello Sethu,
    Please see this related post in the ION Community: