Apply to be a lead adopter of ION “Scripting”

ION Community,

Infor is currently looking for lead adopters of a new feature to ION called scripting. This feature would allow you to add a custom script as a step to a document flow.  This script could be used to manipulate and transform data before ION sends it to a destination connection point.  The chosen scripting language is currently Python.  The power and flexibility of Python allows robust data transformation possibilities, even above what can currently be done with ION Mapper functions.

Requirements for becoming a lead adopter:

  1. A current Infor OS customer in the multi-tenant Infor Cloud
  2. Currently using ION Document Flows in production
  3. One or more resources with knowledge of the Python language
  4. Ability to provide use cases for advanced transformation of document data
  5. Commitment of resources to meet regularly with Infor to provide feedback and testing

Limitations of a lead adopter:

  • No use of the feature in a production system. Your feedback will be based on use within a test or development environment.

Benefits of being a lead adopter:

  1. You get a chance to influence requirements and features of the product
  2. You will receive training and support on the feature

If you are interested in helping ION become an even more powerful integration platform please send me a private message (link is in the upper right hand corner of this community site). Thank you for contributing to our community!



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