Enterprise Connector User/Permissions

Are there specific Windows permissions that the user that Enterprise Connector is running under needs?  The installation instructions only indicate that it needs to be installed by a user with Administration rights.

  • No, none in particular that I am aware of.
    is that a preemptive question? Or is there any issue already encountered?
  • In reply to Vignesh:

    A bit of both. Customer was looking to change the user that the EC runs under so that it would better fit their security model. They have swapped to another user, but are now experiencing issues where the Version of EC is null. When they try to test the connection they receive the following error: Message: Adapter test connection failed: Version can not be null

    Correlation ID: 063ff0e6-3d26-4358-85a8-873ee3f3b970

    Any idea if this is related to the user change or is it a separate issue?
  • This is an old thread.

    The EC belongs to the windows users that installed the jar.
    When the jar installs, it creates a IONEnterprseConnector Group

    If you want to allow another user to start the EC Grid, as Admin run lusrmgr.msc
    Add the user to the IONEnterpriseConnector Group

    There are two web based UIs:

    Infor ION Bootstrap which you will find here
    c:\Program Files\Infor\IONEnterpriseConnector\BootstrapWebUI-9999999.url

    crack open the file to reveal the URL
    * if EC is properly installed this will always be running

    ION Grid.

    After you add the user to the group, that user should be able to start the Grid
    c:\Program Files\Infor\IONEnterpriseConnector\bin\AdminUI.cmd

    You don't need to start the grid, but the UI is packed administrative options

    **NOTE this command may file if local datase host configurations don't grant the IP address permissions to connect