How to load a combo box base on other combobox selection

I have two combo box, one is for customers and one is for ship-to. i'm trying to get ship-to to refresh on customer selection. I'm setting component class to have its own class

STDOLE SLCustomers(  PROPERTIES(CustSeq, Name) DISPLAY(1,2)FILTER(CustNum like FP(CustNum)))


but i'm not quite sure how to say in filter that custnum = to selection of customer combobox. any help is very much appreciated.


thank you

  • i forgot to mention that on the customer combobox, binding is set to variables.StartCustNum
    and inheritance component class is CustNumVar, and Component Class Parameters is StartCustomerEdit. Than kyou all
  • Based on what you have I would think that you want to replace the CustNum like FP(CustNum) with CustNum=FV(StartCustNum).
    Let me know if that is what you are after.
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    That worked perfectly. thank you so much.
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