How to write to excel from Baan IV Program Script?

We are able to setup device data and print the output to excel. But how to code that logic in a program script and send an excel output file?

  • Modern Excel files (*.xlsx) are in fact *.zip files with an XML content.
    From Baan IV to Excel you can write :
    - text files in *.csv format
    - html files with an *.xls name (will be opened with a warning)
    - XML files with a simple formatting rules (will be opened with a warning) - try to save an Excel sheet in XML and look the format
    - al least : write an XML and trasform to native Excel with a Java POI postprocess
    ... or look-out for a commercial product.
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    Appreciate your response. Thank you.
  • I have developed a library.
    Please look at the following URL, it may helps you.