Filter by Direct Supervisor Name in Leavers Report List

In the Leavers Report List (LeaverTemplateList), the Direct Supervisor's name is in this list, but not filterable when the search bar is opened. Is there a way to force a field to be filterable in a list where it is not by default? I hate to have to export to excel every time to filter.

  • Hi,
    Could you be a bit more specific? This is a general forum that handles a number of different application suites so please explain what product you are using, the scenario in more detail etc. Is this in a Ming.le Homepage widget or another type of widget?

    The sub category is widget. If this is a Homepages widget, can you please check the widget id. It's available on the (...) menu in the widget title bar, under about.

    If it isn't a Homepages widget please explain the type if widget that it is.

    Ming.le Homepages team
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    It appears I put this in the wrong section. This is a configuration console question for a List in GHR. Can I move this to a different section, or do I have to recreate?
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  • The "Direct Supervisor" column in LeaverTemplateList is the DerivedField "NewDirectSupervisorName." You cannot filter on it because it's a derived field and there is no way to change that.

    The question will need to be answered by a GHR app expert who understands the TurnoverData business class and how it relates to other things. It may be possible for you to add a different Supervisor field that isn't derived so you can filter. I'm just not sure on this very specific app question.