New to PowerLink, and am looking for info on how it works - overview

Hi Guys,

Newbie here, and am trying to blow the dust off of our Powerlink and get it to connect to our IBM I so I can assist a couple of our customers that use it.  I always get a message at startup of the Powerlink application that Java version needs to be updated - although I am at the latest current version of Java - the message mentions SH15665 for more information, but I cant seem to find this information.  It then tells me that Environment "MM" is not started, do I want to start it.  When I attempt this, it just tries but never connects.  I can see many, many connections on the IBMi from my IP address connecting to port 36001.  I've dug into the jobs that are associated with QZDASOINIT and the QZRCSRVS job but haven't been able to really figure out anything useful.  

I did notice that initially PowerLink was at version 7 when I first installed, and at some point it updated itself to version 9.  So it seems like some things are working but some things aren't.

I guess what would be most helpful is if there was a manual I could get a hold of that would describe how the connection works so I can troubleshoot this.

I'm assuming that this probably isn't an easy question to answer, however any advice that some of you vets could give me to give a little traction I would absolutely appreciate.