SCE WMS interface to barcode scanners


I'm working for a client in a warehouse, they asked me to see if it is possible to write a communication between the scanners and Infor.

My question is how the communication between scanners and infor normally is done ?

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  • Hello 250184,
    It may help if you could provide more details on your issue. What Infor applications are you using? What version #'s are they? What interfaces are available to/from the scanners? etc.
    Also, I have deleted your duplicate post on this topic.

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    The application is SCE WMS 10.1 build 122
  • I have provided all the details i currently have about the applications we use. I just want to what the infor application is using to communicate with the server (sql stored procedures or sql queries or ... ?) and is it possible to get some kind of architecture of this setup ?
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    Unfortunately, I am not an SCE expert. I am not familiar with their interfaces. Normally I would refer you to the SCE forum here on the Communities site, but it appears there is not yet one for SCE. Unless someone else here has experience with SCE and barcode systems and can comment, I would recommend you opening a Infor Xtreme support ticket.
  • Hello, has anyone an answer for this question or more experience wit SCE WMS 10.1 ?
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    Hello 250184!

    I internally checked with my contacts at the SCE team and received the following preliminary response. If you have any further followup questions, we are neither the experts in this area nor the correct liaison to get further answers. As the discussion is more SCE specific, I would have to agree with Keith and also direct you to your account manager/ log an Xtreme incident i the SCE queue when you have further questions.

    Hope the below answers help you. Good luck !

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    //SCE uses scanners extensively to capture data in the warehouse. We refer to the scanners as RF (Radio Frequency) devices. The RF guns read barcodes for things like Item IDs and Location IDs, which are then converted to text and stored in our database. We have an application that handles this.

    So, as a SCE 10.1 user, the customer is already using the scanners to talk to the SCE application. It is unclear to me if this customer is wanting to create a custom program for SCE or want to use the scanners for input to the ERP.//