.NET object library for Lawson Screens and Personnel Actions

Over the last few years, I've built up a handy library of reusable .NET objects for accessing Lawson screens and personnel actions. I use them primarily for doing real-time interfacing with our 3rd-party applicant tracking and onboarding systems (Silk Road).


public static Lawson.Session lawsonSession = new Lawson.Session(userCredentials, lawsonServer);

Lawson.NEWHIRE_1_ACTION newHireAction = new Lawson.NEWHIRE_1_ACTION(Global.lawsonSession, Global.productLine, 100, objApplicant, "", DateTime.Today);

I started building them when we were on Lawson v8 and have tweaked them as necessary for v9 and v10.

My biggest fear is that, with the foundational technology changes in v11, all of this work may be obsolete. I don't know. Anyone have any insight?

Also, would anyone benefit if I open-sourced it and posted it all on GitHub? Obviously, the personnel action objects would be specific to our defined personnel actions (they're just extensions of the base PA52 object so perhaps helpful for adapting to your own), but the screen objects should be universal. I have objects built for HR11, HR14, LP31, LP51, LP53, LP60, LP70, PA12, PA17, PA20, PA22, PA26, PA31, PA52, PA52.4, PA52.5 and PR12.

Does anyone think Infor would have a problem with me open-sourcing my library? I know Lawson squashed some of my favorite Lawson developer sites in the past.

Let me know!

  • Mark,
    Thanks for posting and being willing to share your solutions. If your code uses Lawson IOS (AGS & DME calls) then yes, it will be obsolete in V.11. V.11 is Landmark based. Your access to the same type of screens will be via more modern SOAP/REST web services in Infor ION API Gateway. There is a Landmark Web Service user guide on InforExtreme.
    Feel free to upload whatever you want to GitHub. You can also upload a zip file here on this community.
  • In reply to Keith Knuth:

    Thanks for the Landmark Web Service tip! I'll look that up.
  • This is not an Infor product my company works with; however, I thought I would weigh in on your* GitHub query...
    IMO, I don't believe Infor would have an issue with you utilizing an open-source project repo for custom actions to their software. The caveat, is that it can't contain THEIR code -- which is copyright protected. If it is your code & your copyright label, then there shouldn't be any issues from Infor in posting it publicly.

    Thanks for offering up your solutions, though; I think this new dev forum will be incredibly useful going forward to developers working on Infor products for their company.

  • In reply to Keith Knuth:

    Hey, Keith. Do you have a more specific title for that "Landmark Web Service User Guide?" I've searched InforExtreme but I'm not coming up with anything that looks like what you've mentioned.
  • In reply to Mark Petereit:

    Try docs.infor.com/.../index.jsp and look under the "Developer Guides" menu.
  • I would certainly be interested in your .Net library for accessing Lawson screens, despite the fact that it may be obsolete with version 11. Please let me know if/when you make it available and where. Thanks for being willing to share!