Disabled User showing on dropdowns

We have users that leave the company.  I have disabled them as users but they still show up on some drop downs, ie Buyer.  What can I do to not have the disabled users show on drop downs?

  • I believe if you got to Work > Setup > Employees and mark thier Employee record Out of Service they will no longer appear. In certain cases we have added userdefined checkboxes to users or employees coupled with security dataspys to exclude people from dropdown or lookups also.
  • Buyer field on PO, will show Users with the checkmark "Buyer" checked.
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    I should have added if you uncheck Infor EAM and Consumer checkboxes on the users this will also remove them. This is the method we use to take users out of service.
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    For the Buyer if you make them inactive on PO04 they shouldn't show up on other forms.