M3 MForms Automation (MFA)


     Sometimes I need to edit or enter data in M3 that doesn't have an API.  In the past, I've used an H5 call with the url format of <Base URI>?TASK=<Encoded MForms Automation> to perform the edit or update.  I was using the Default or Admin Router port, and Basic Authentication to log in.  I could make this call from a Curl command or from a C# client in a way similar to an API call, and the update would complete.  

     I'm now seeing a different behavior with a new customer, when I make the call from Curl or REST, nothing happens.  If I take the automation task and run it in the H5 Client in a web browser, it works.  I'm at a loss to understand what has changed.

     This has lead me to looking at the MNEREST and MvxMCSvt endpoints.  It appears that the MvxMCSvt has the ability to consume the automation script directly with the RUN command.  However, I can't find any documentation.  When testing, I get the error "Session is not valid", even when I try to authenticate in the standard ways.  If I "steal" a JSESSIONID cookie from an active H5 session, I can get it to accept the call without that error, but it never gives a valid response, or executes the script.

     Does anyone have an experience with MvxMCSvt or MNEREST that could help me out with this?



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  • Hi Billy,

    I saw that you also posted this question in Infor Extreme Case# 13137027. Were you able to try the steps in the attachment named "From Development - Running calls against MUA with Postman.docx"?

    Let me know if there's something in the document that you want to clarify or did not work as expected.