How can I send the value from a form char field to a script with an event handler type "Run Script"

Hello, I need to send the value from a component type edit (char field) that is in a form to a script that is called after pushing a button. That button have an event that call an event handler type "Run Script". The script I call with the event handler of the button is an new script declare global script and I can selected from the list showed in the section name in the options of the event handler parameters in the section Script Name and Parameters, but I not able to declare the parameters for the script in that section in order to send the information the script need from the char field in the form. The information I want to sent to the script is in the same form were is the button that triggers the event handler "Run Script".

Hope someone can help me with this problem. 

Thank you for your help! 

  • Hello Javier,
    You posted this in the API forum...seems like this is related to a specific application or tool? Can you share more details?