M3 API ToolKit - Where to download?


Where can I download the M3 API Toolkit and supporting documentation? The previous developers have included the MvxSock.dll in an .net application and are using it, but I don't have access to documentation or code examples. I've seen these references to online and they appear to come included in a package called the M3 API Toolkit. 

  • These are in Infor Xtreme - under

    Download Center>Product Information : M3 Core Options>M3 Core Integration Tools - M3 API Tools : Files

    Hope that helps
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    And if I can't see it ? Does the administrator need to give me access? I can only see these under Download Center:
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Learning Products
    Performance Management
    3rd Party Products
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    M3 options shoudl be under Enterprise Resource Planning, Yes you will need infor xtreme permissions to be able to download things

    you can also use the product search on the right and search for API, if you have access it will turn up

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    Thanks George,
    Appears I have access to everything but that, but now I know exactly where it is. Appreciate the help.