Baan IVc4 and XML

We have a requirement to integrate Baan IVc4 with webservices. Basically the requirement is, Baan should be able to read the xml, process updates/read, and generate an xml output. Are there any utilities within Baan to do this? Is OpenWorld required for this, if so would just the adapter enough? Any information on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hello,
    I've just released an integration between Baan IV and CPQ - SalesPortal, using the web services interface
    described in
    "Infor Configure Price Quote Configurator - Integration guide using API v2 8.1"
    Luckily enough there was a web service endpoint that didn't require encryption nor gzip compression,
    so :
    - I built a test suite with SoapUI
    - and then I've replicated it with cURL launched via run.prog( ... ) Baan IV library function
    The XML "questions" being transferred to the web service were simple, so I written it directly as XML text file with, seq.put(...) and so on.
    Parsing the answers was a little more complex, but I've find that the installed Baan IV instance had an old
    version of xml library, so I employed xmlRead(...), xmlFindFirst(), xmlGetName(...) and so on.
    Tracing (guarded with a "debug" flag) all the xml transfers and cURL input - output in a path obtained with
    and then transferred to my machine with
    helped a lot (namespaces, doubled double quotes, escaping XML attributes, ... life's hard ...)
    I think that if you have an updated tools library - with the related docs - and a grain of determination ... you will gain your success !!!

    Best regards,
    Davide Grandi
    (Infor LN programmer - lent for 2 months to the magical Baan IV world)
  • In reply to Davide Grandi:

    Hi Davide,
    Thanks very much for the response. I am a very basic BaaN programmer and your response is too complex for me to understand. If possible can you simplify it for me. Thank you.